Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mourning 2016 and Hope for 2017

This year has been tough. We have lost a lot and in that grief we mourn.
I mourn the passing of too many from wars and violence.
I mourn the death of old and young from addiction and illness.
I mourn that too many have been lost to racism and classism.
I mourn that we cannot see ourselves in immigrants and refugees.
I mourn the death of way too many from terrorism and hate.
I mourn that too many families spent these holidays without those they love.
I mourn that misogyny continues to be so prevalent.
I mourn the passing of democracy from foreign tampering.
I mourn the lack of safe water for families in Flint.
I mourn that too many have been denied their basic human rights.
I mourn that common decency and compassion seem lost.
I mourn that we never seemed to care for Aleppo's children.
I mourn that the end of racism hasn't happened yet.
I mourn that too many have been left behind.

But I also have hope ...

That we will care for each other more than our own needs.
That we will honor all families and their wonderful diversity.
That we will support one another in our different faiths.
That we will show kindness to all persons we meet.
That we will bring about the kindom of God through love.
That we will find the light every day and share it.
That we will reach out in grace to those different from us.
That we will refuse to normalize misogyny and racism.
That we will work together to bring about justice.
That we will spend our energy on mercy and not hate.
That we will include refugees and immigrants more fully into our world.
That we will share our faith boldly with others on the journey.
That we will welcome the stranger into our families and lives.
That we will love and love and love each other.
That we will find more hope in each other than hate.
That we will live out Micah 6:8 to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly.

I have hope. We're in this together. And together we can bring hope to others.