Saturday, April 15, 2017

In Silence We Await

Holy Saturday

We sit in the pain of death.
We sit in the sorrow of loss.
We sit in the stillness of sorrow.
We sit in the uncertainty of the future.

Black Saturday

We stand in the midst of grief.
We stand in the shadow of the cross.
We stand in the midst of betrayers.
We stand in the fear of the empire.

Easter Saturday

We walk near the tomb hoping for any sign.
We walk in the solitude of loneliness.
We walk in the shadow of loss.
We walk in the hope of the resurrection.

But for now we sit and stand and walk in darkness.

Jesus has died. The world sits in that loss.

Holy Saturday

Today we wait in sadness. 
Today we sit in darkness.
Today we honor the death of Jesus.

And in silence we await.

Karyn L. Wiseman, 2017

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