Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finding Balance …

Over the last few weeks I had some extra time with my son and there were many times that I felt very lucky to be so fortunate.  I know a lot of parents who rarely get the types of quality time I get to enjoy.  However, there were also a few times that I was seriously considering military school (and I’m a pacifist).  Being a parent means everything to me but it is also hard work.  There are times when I know it is worth it – times when his compassion and care for others make me proud, times when he looks out for others in ways that make me smile, and times when he displays awareness about the world that shows what a wise old soul he has.  Being a parent is fun most of the time.

There are times when being a parent takes so much effort and time that I wonder how I will be able to do it.  There are times when being a parent makes me crazy with worry and anxiety.  And there are times when being a parent makes me feel like I am doing God’s work preparing the next generation to walk in faith.
Finding the time and effort is sometimes hard.  I am answering my call in ministry teaching pastors to preach the Gospel.  I am working hard to be the hands and feet of Jesus as I work for justice in my community.  And including him in my work for justice means he sees me live my faith and he gets to follow that example.  But the one of the most important things I do for God – is being a parent.   Making the time is vital.  No matter how busy my work and personal life become – I have to find balance so that my son knows he is my priority. 

I thank God every day for the blessing of my son, who is adopted from an orphanage in Yekaterinburg, Russia.  His mother left him in the hospital after giving birth.  She told a nurse there that she could not afford a child and that her family would not allow her to bring him home.  Because of her amazing gift of love – our family was formed.  And despite my pre-teen parenting frustrations, I am doing God’s work.  And the young man God sent our way is proof that God is good.

Grace and Peace –


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