Monday, May 2, 2011

Walking on Holy Ground with Jesus

I have never been to the Holy Land but my parents have been there several times and brought me back several items from their time there – water from the Jordan River and several wood carvings made from Olive wood from the Garden of Gethsemane.   Every time I see them I am reminded of the holy ground on which Jesus walked, taught, preached, healed, and prayed.  They remind me of the places where he was arrested, tried, beaten and crucified.  They remind me of the road he walked carrying the instrument of his death to the hill called Golgotha.  They remind me of the ground outside of the tomb where Jesus spoke to Mary.  They remind me of the resurrection of Jesus – where he walked out of the tomb and defeated death.

Holy ground is something I find interesting.  I may have never been to the Holy Land but I have walked on holy ground – when I walk to the pulpit to preach the Gospel, when I walk among God’s amazing nature, or when I walk with my son on a beach talking about life.  The truth is – all ground is holy ground because all ground was made by God and gifted to us for nurturing and care.  All ground is opportunity to walk with God in holy companionship.  All ground is rich with possibilities for our lives and faith journeys. 

Holy ground is also the name of our new sandwich and beverage shoppe on the campus of LTSP and every time I walk into the building and see the signs – I am reminded of the holy walk we are called to walk in faith.  During Holy Week we walked by faith, we walked a path from “Hail Him” to “Nail Him” from Palm Sunday to Good Friday.  We walked the holy days of Triduum to Easter Sunday as companions together on holy ground.  On Easter Sunday we walked the path with the women as they ran to tell the disciples about the resurrection.  This Sunday we heard again the story of Thomas – faithful Thomas – who walked with Jesus despite the danger to bring Lazarus back from the grave.  Amazing journeys we are called to walk every year and every day as companions with Jesus.  

Now … and always … remember that we walk on holy ground.  Have a blessed journey.

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